Transform your smile. Discover your potential.

Transform your smile. Discover your potential.

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Every journey starts with a single step, and orthodontic treatment is no different. We love being part of the process and think you’ll appreciate it as it unfolds, too.

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Braces Options

Regardless of the specific type of braces you choose (you'll find more detail on each option), braces work by constantly putting a small amount of pressure on your teeth. This slowly "encourages" them to move into the correct position. Depending on the nature of the brackets and wires, this can do everything from simply straightening your teeth to correcting more advanced issues like an overbite or underbite.


Rather than using metal brackets and wires of any kind, Invisalign uses clear, invisible trays that essentially act as a "second set of skin" for your teeth. As a long-term treatment plan, Invisalign brings with it a host of unique benefits that are certainly worth considering.

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Has Your Child Been Evaluated by an Orthodontist Yet?

Generally speaking, orthodontic and other dental-related issues can happen at nearly any age— meaning that braces for children are almost always a good idea, regardless of the age of the patient in question. So long as the child has lost his or her baby teeth and their permanent teeth have come in, you can correct virtually any issue with the right type of treatment applied at just the right time during their development.


Meet Dr. Shih

Before Dr. Peter Shih studied and trained to become an Orthodontist, he received his Bachelor of Science in Biomechanical Engineering from Washington University in 2002, and went on to earn his Master of Science from Missouri University of Science and Technology in Computer Engineering in 2006.